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hydro turbine generator control system

hydro turbine generator control system
Product name:hydro turbine generator control system
BKSF Series of Protection
             This series of products is suitable for synchronization, control
            and protection of generator set of 800KW and below . Automatic
            Synchronization Device adopts WPET-101microcomputer, controller or
            STK-W-3 microcomputer controller, which is designed to have
            functions of control, protection and measurement of synchronization
            interconnection for low-voltage generator set and can meet the
            control requirements for low-voltage generator set interconnection.
            It is of high technical performance and running high reliability.
            This product conforms to the standards of IEC439: Low-voltage
            switchgear and control gear assemblies, Gb7251-1987: low-voltage
            switchgear assembly and etc. The cover of cabinet adopts PGL type
            and the dimensions are 1000×600×2200mm (Width ×Length×Height).
            I、MAIN PERFORMANCE AND CHARACTERISTICS ★ Automatic Synchronization
            Device adopts microcomputer controller, which can swiftly and
            conveniently realize functions such as automatic speed regulating
            and automatic synchronization; ★ Manual/Automatic Switching-on and
            Switching-off functions; ★ Over-current, under-voltage and
            over-voltage protection functions effectively ensure the stable and
            secure the running of generator set; ★ Two alternative factory power
            supplies are provided in panel, one of which is for switching
            between generator and electric network and is to satisfy different
            requirements on power supply in factory for users; ★ Easy to install
            and operate, convenient to maintain and run reliably.
            II、DEMONSTRATION OF MODELS Capacity 125~200Kw 250~320Kw 400~500Kw
            630Kw 800Kw Synchronization Method Manual Automatic Manual Automatic
            Automatic Automatic Automatic Model BKSF 51 52 61 62 72 82 92
            III、ORDER INFORMATION ◎、Model and Specifications of Generator
            ◎、Breaker's Type, Synchronization Device Model ◎、Other Specific

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