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Y2 series compact high voltage three-phase compressor motor (355 to 560)

Y2 series compact high voltage three-phase compressor motor (355 to 560)
Product name?strong>Y2 series compact high voltage three-phase compressor motor (355 to 560)
Y2 series compact high voltage three-phase asynchronous motor is the twenty-first century the development of energy efficient products, new technologies, based on the high voltage three-phase asynchronous motors of the international fashion design and manufacturing experience combined with years of long-term stability of the motor design, its performance is close to Motor reliable Class F insulation structure and
This series of motors for general-purpose three-phase asynchronous motors can be used to drive a variety of general-purpose machinery and equipment such as compressors, fans, pumps, crushers and other machinery and equipment, can also be compared in the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other environmental conditions (2) This series motors are generally in the stator, bearings can be the installation of temperature measurement devices, the stator before and after the end of all three, before and after bearing a PT100 thermoelectric
4.Y2 series motor starting process, the terminal voltage of the power supply should not be less than 85% of the rated voltage of the motor, the motor generally does not permit frequent starting, allow consecutive start twice (twice in cold start between natural Other special needs, ordering signs of the times, please sign a technology agreement:
With advances in technology and the modification of the domestic and international standards, the sample size and technical parameters are subject to change without notice Please understand, when ordering please confirm or obtain a copy of the formal outline and related information to our technical department

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