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WPET-2100 Systems for Hydroelectric Station

WPET-2100 Systems for Hydroelectric Station
Product name?strong>WPET-2100 Systems for Hydroelectric Station
WPET-2100 series of microcomputer integrated automatic system for
            hydro power station is suitable for automatic monitoring, measuring,
            control and protection of medium and small hydroelectric station.
            Layered distributed structure and modular design are adopted in this
            system. The system conforms to DL/T 5065-1996 : Rule for design of
            computerized monitoring and control system in hydraulic power plants
            DL/T578-95: Technical code for relaying protection and security
            automatic equipment?The system is consisted of master computer,
            unit Local Control Unit (LCU), public LCU and somecontrol box.
            I?MAIN PERFORMANCE AND CHARACTERISTICS ?The overall design and
            system configuration are implemented guided by the goal of “
            rimarycomputer monitor, accompanied by manual control”according to
            the factory comprehensive automation requirements??Software,
            network structure and Chinese system are adopted , We provide long
            termspare parts and technical support service??The system is
            highly reliable and highly redundant. The operation of field
            equipments will not be affected by internal local faults??Fully
            open system both facilitates the extension of function and hardware
            and protects user's investment. Distributed database and modular and
            structural design of software enable the system to adapt to addition
            of functions and expansion of scale; ?Goode performance of real
            time and anti-interference, suitable for field conditions; ?
            Powerful human-machine interface, simple operation, remote
            signalling, remote measuring and remote regulating. II、ORDER
            INFORMATION ◎、Single line diagram should be provided in advance;
            ◎、Schematic diagram and terminal diagram of equipment operation
            should be provided; ◎、Other specific requirements.

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