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T, TL, TK high-voltage synchronous electric motor

T, TL, TK high-voltage synchronous electric motor
Product name?strong>T, TL, TK high-voltage synchronous electric motor
Product Overview:
T-Series large-scale exchange of three-phase four-pole, six pole synchronous motor, protection class IP44, structure and installation of forms for the IM7311 cooling method is IC37 and ICW37A91 motor with class F insulation, VPI vacuum pressure impregnation, has good insulating properties. The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, power and other industries to drag fans, pumps, compressors and other machinery and equipment.
TK series three-phase synchronous motor is designed for air compressors supporting synchronous motor mainly used in refrigeration and fertilizer industry equipment. Start for the total pressure to start, if the user's power grid capacity is not enough, can be set to start when the lower voltage. This series of motor structure can be made ​​with the shaft and seat bearing (IM7311) and without shaft and seat the bearing (IM5710) two kinds, according to the structure of the compressor. The cooling method is generally open type (self-cooling fan, the IC01) can also be made ​​of other forms, such as pipeline ventilation.
TDMK (TM) series is designed for mining coal pulverizer supporting large-scale AC three-phase synchronous motor. The base unit is welded by steel plate, the base of the lower part of the outlet side of the motor. Fan-shaped piece of the stator core with 0.5 mm thick low-loss silicon steel punching Diecheng separated by radial ventilation duct piece between the core and windings are short-range coil forming pairs Diego. Rotor pole with steel plate punching, together with the pole coil mounted on the rotor yoke.
The motor can meet the technical requirements:
1, the voltage level: 3KV, 6KV, 10KV
2, Power range: 250kW ~ 10000kW
Protection class: IP23, IP44, IP54, IP55
4, insulation class: B, F, H-

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