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Electronic Load Controller Equipment

Electronic Load Controller Equipment
Product name?strong>Electronic Load Controller Equipment
 WPET?00 series of electronic load adjusters is working as governor
            for small hydraulic generator sets that operate independently power
            network in large remote mountainous areas , villages etc. This
            device can transfer load, balance input power and output power, and
            keep a constant run speed (constant frequency) of generator sets
            without guide blade or governor. Compared to the conventional
            mechanical and hydraulic speed control device, the essential
            difference is that the fully electronic control without mechanical
            adjustment and the power balance without changing water turbine flow
            can effectively keep a certain rotating speed. Electronic load
            adjuster can both simplify the structure of hydraulic turbine and
            reduce the cost. It is also of higher automatic level. Besides, load
            adjustment panel that consists of the automatic load adjustment
            function of electronic load adjuster can suppress the load
            fluctuation of the power network and can greatly improve the
            operation stability when small generator sets are running on
            isolated network.
            controlled by microcomputer; ?The regulating method is automatic
            constant speed of rotation (frequency f); ?Quick regulating system
            without regulation inertia; ?Multiple Monitoring Modes; ?The
            product is compatible with various communication interfaces such as
            I/O and RS485. Multi-language can be choice to display on LEC; ?
            Easy to install and operate, convenient to maintain and run
            reliably. II、Demonstration of Model Product Model Adjuster
            Capability of Generator Speed Control Device WPET?10 SCM Below 5KW
            No WPET?20 SCM 5?5KW No WPET?30 SCM 25?0KW No WPET?40 SCM
            50?00KW No WPET?50 SCM 100?00KW Yes WPET?60 SCM 200?20KW Yes
            WPET?70 PLC 200?20KW Yes III?ORDER INFORMATION ◎、Model and
            Specifications(including Excitation Parameter) of Generator ◎、Model,
            Power and Quantity of Electronic Load Controller ◎、No accessory load
            resistance is to be provided if it is not specifically described
            ◎、Other Specific Requirements
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