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YCL cooling tower dedicated motor

YCL cooling tower dedicated motor
Product name:YCL cooling tower dedicated motor
The fan motor in this series is a derivative of the Y series three-phase asynchronous motor series, designed specifically for cooling tower fans supporting. Enclosure protection rating of IP55, cooling load impeller cooling method ICO141, Insulation Class B, F, install the form for the V30 and V1 type, number of poles 6-16 pole.

YCL series motors with energy efficient, low noise, good sealing, reliable performance, easy to use and other prominent advantages. Is the best supporting cooling tower fan motor.
This series of motors to reduce noise, according to the latest standards in China and draw on the advantages of similar products on the international design and manufacturing, low noise, small vibration, small size, light weight, reliable operation, easy maintenance features.
This series motors are suitable for small fiberglass cooling tower fan
Protection: IP55
Cooling method: IC0041
Insulation class: B
Rated voltage: 380V
Rated frequency: 50Hz

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