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Y2 series compact high voltage three-phase compressor motor (355 to 560)

Y2 series compact high voltage three-phase compressor motor (355 to 560)
Product name:Y2 series compact high voltage three-phase compressor motor (355 to 560)
Y2 series compact high voltage three-phase asynchronous motor is the twenty-first century the development of energy efficient products, new technologies, based on the high voltage three-phase asynchronous motors of the international fashion design and manufacturing experience combined with years of long-term stability of the motor design, its performance is close to or reach the advanced water products, and IP54 or IP55.
This series of motor performance and mounting dimensions conform to IEC standards and GB755 standards and related professional and technical standards. And I have many times through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, order, development, manufacture, inspection, sales, and service are in accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001 quality system control.
Motor power supply for the three-phase mains frequency of 50Hz (or 60Hz) power supply voltage level 6kV according to customers need to design to become
3kV, 3.3kV, 6.6kV, etc., the installation is generally IMB3, but also can be designed according to customer needs IMB35, IMV1 (including under the appropriate axial force).
This series of motors using high-permeability low-loss cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel, and thus the low loss, high efficiency. Motor reliable Class F insulation structure and
Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI), the temperature rise class B design, extending the insulation aging life. This series motors are basic ventilation mode of IC411, the cooling heat dissipation is more mature. This series of motors with high efficiency, low vibration, low noise performance is reliable, safe and convenient maintenance.
Motor allows the rated voltage and frequency, starting and reduced voltage starting.
This series of motors for general-purpose three-phase asynchronous motors can be used to drive a variety of general-purpose machinery and equipment such as compressors, fans, pumps, crushers and other machinery and equipment, can also be compared in the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other environmental conditions poor cooperation in the field of the prime mover.
Second, the Structure
Y2 three-phase asynchronous motor with the next generation of advanced high-strength cast iron structure of the motor housing and end caps made of high strength cast iron structure. The base of the external band orthogonal distribution - vertical and horizontal distribution of the cooling ribs, so it has good thermal performance, the overall stiffness, sturdy and durable.
Stator core and the base unit outside the press-fit structure, easy maintenance. The stator winding with class F insulation, slot wedge fixed in the stator slot, the end of the fixed and banding after several inter-turn pulse voltage test and pressure test in the manufacturing process, and after the vacuum pressure (VPI) the whole leaching solvent-free paint treatment process, the stator winding has a good structural strength, insulation properties, electrical properties and moisture resistant, can be used in harsh environmental conditions and good electrical properties.
The special manufacturing process of cast aluminum structure for the rotor, rotor bar and end ring and fan molding, improved reliability, increased to allow the drag load moment of inertia. And supplemented with precision rotor balancing system, so that the motor is running smooth, vibration and noise are greatly reduced. The motor uses rolling structure, have non-stop to refuel and drain the oil installations, good design of the bearing to prevent dust and water intrusion.
The structure of the outlet box sealing the compact, high level of protection, connection and reliable terminals, wiring flexibility, you can position wiring. The outlet box is generally placed right side of the motor (according to user need to install the left side of the motor shaft depending), but be sure to please the customer in the order specified.
Third, the Order Information
(1) When ordering, be sure to ask the customer to indicate the motor model, the power (KW), the use of voltage, frequency, direction of rotation, protection grade, cooling method, the outgoing direction, the special environmental conditions and related mechanical equipment requirements.
(2) This series motors are generally in the stator, bearings can be the installation of temperature measurement devices, the stator before and after the end of all three, before and after bearing a PT100 thermoelectric
Resistance, both sides of the motor housing to install anti-condensation to go wet heater, if you need or other requirements are advised to the customer when ordering.
Motor main terminal box and auxiliary junction box (temperature measurement devices and heaters) the face of shaft extension to see the right side of the motor housing (ie, UVW outlet side on the right) can also be asked to take customer orders the motor on the left.
4.Y2 series motor starting process, the terminal voltage of the power supply should not be less than 85% of the rated voltage of the motor, the motor generally does not permit frequent starting, allow consecutive start twice (twice in cold start between natural stop), or after running at the rated thermal state start time, and additional re-start should be one hour parking in the motor (2 motors extra starter to the motor stop for four hours). Drive mechanical moment of resistance characteristics such as pumps, fans, products, and more should avoid multiple starters.
The motor shaft is generally applied axial force and the coupling weight is not allowed outside the radial force. Motor radial force, vertical motors need to bear axial force, you are requested to customers when ordering force on the size.
Other special needs, ordering signs of the times, please sign a technology agreement:
Outside of the motor power specifications listed in table 1).
2) vertical motor, motor or other installation.
3) There are special installation size or special shape of the size of the motor.
4) The generic requirements of the motor.
5) the performance parameters of the motor of special requirements.
6) other special requirements of the motor.
With advances in technology and the modification of the domestic and international standards, the sample size and technical parameters are subject to change without notice Please understand, when ordering please confirm or obtain a copy of the formal outline and related information to our technical department

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