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FKL-LOW-VOLTAGE series of Excitation Device

FKL-LOW-VOLTAGE series of Excitation Device
Product name:FKL-LOW-VOLTAGE series of Excitation Device
This series of products are suitable for low voltage generator.
            According to the different needs of different clients , the wiring
            of major loop may be single-phase half-controlled self shunt
            excitation way, three – phase fully - controlled way or rotation
            excitation. Exciting transformer is commonly dry type transformer
            within panel. This product is designed and produced according to the
            requirements of GB10585-89: fundamental requirements of excitation
            systems for medium and small synchronous machines.
            I、MAIN PERFORMANCE AND CHARACTERISTICS ★ Regulator is mainly
            controlled by integrated circuit or microcomputer; ★ Regulation
            method is automatic voltage regulation (AVR); Model of microcomputer
            regulator can run with constant voltage, constant current and
            constant power factor; ★ Multiple monitor models; ★ Residual voltage
            self-excitation, separated excitation and manual excitation; ★
            Deexcitation methods are continuous-flow demagnetization or direct
            switching - off of deexcitation switch; Mode 33 should use
            deexcitation switch; ★ Simple to install and operate, convenience to
            maintain and run reliabiy. II、Models Product type Rectification Mode
            Adjuster Mode port far/near FKL-201 single-phase bridge Analog no
            On-site FKL-203 single-phase bridge Digital-analog no Remote control
            FKL-205 rotation Digital-analog no remote control FKL-207
            single-phase bridge Microcomputer yes remote control FKL-209
            rotation Microcomputer no remote control FKL-233D Three-phase bridge
            Digital-analog no remote control FKL-233DW Three-phase bridge
            Microcomputer have remote control Instructions: If dry type
            excitation transformer is included, the ones with a capability below
            50KVA should be put in panel. III、 ORDER INFORMATION ◎、Generator
            model and parameter(include excitation parameters) ◎、Model and
            quantity of excitation device ◎、Working voltage must be need for
            Mode 33 ◎、Other specific requirements
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